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“Genius is composed of 2% talent and 98% of perseverance”.



Art, cooking, philosophy, history, languages, literature, marketing and we could go on and on… It’s impossible to choose only one; everything communicates and connects with us and the world. Fan of a single person, but in love with everyone, all lives leave a mark. As Machado said, “The path is made by walking.” This is what I am. Not a communication guru or an exceptional writer, simply a traveller, always moving forward alongside irreplaceable travel companions.


I like to age because it makes me more aware of what I do and the purpose of it all. I’m more than a consultant, colleague, friend, partner and mother. I’m energy that flows in search of Harmony, Kindness and Authenticity, and this I capture, or try to capture, in my work. Practically always tireless, selectively inquisitive and in love with life, I relish learning something new every day and I enjoy this exciting journey of communications with my colleagues.


Journalism is my calling. It’s what I’ve become through my studies and career. One of the most remarkable characteristics of a journalist is their curiosity and that is why I love to learn all sorts of things: what one feels running mountain races, speaking a new language, making bread, living in a Himba tribe in north Namibia or turning an old cinema into a symphonic hall. As you’d expect from a journalist, I love to tell stories: sitting around a campfire in the desert or in front of a computer at work, but always with a happy ending.


Reading and writing have always fascinated me. I’ve become an apprentice of everything and a teacher of nothing. But always willing and excited to do things, explore new challenges. As Yoda would say, “Do or do not. There is no try.” So, as a basketball fan, I know that there are thousands of ways and challenges to make a shot. But after twenty years connected to the world of journalism and communications, I know that the best way to do it and not simply try is by believing in it and having the support of the best team at work and the best supporters off court, your family. We know where we’re heading towards, but we need courage to decide with whom and how to get there.

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Noizze Media

Our agency was founded in April 2011, when, after more than 20 years of experience in the world of journalism and communication and PR agencies, we decided that it was time to start to write our own story, with a clear calling: help companies and brands to expand their presence in the media and reach their target audiences through tailored communication strategies.

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big goals with our feet on the ground

During our career in the communication arena, we have worked for all kinds of national and multinational companies from different industries (consumables, leisure, technology, health, videogames, foundations, sports, shows...). Along with over a decade writing in IT and business media, this has helped us to become a creative and practical team when designing and executing communication strategies. But above all, we love what we do and do what we love.

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Trust is the key

We believe that professional relationships are very important, but personal relationships are vital. We like being and feeling part of a team, establishing a relationship with our customers based on trust and respect, as well as the commitment to meeting realistic goals.

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In the entrepreneurial world, they say that you leave with no more than what fits in your backpack: we don’t have large infrastructures to maintain or huge bureaucratic formalities to complete or try to pretend something that we aren’t... Our elasticity helps us to adapt to any circumstance or scenario in order to face a project full of enthusiasm where we all stand to gain.




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